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Impatience Wellbeing

Impatience Wellbeing (IW) is the brand that brings together the past, present, and future work of one of England’s leading disability rights activists and innovation leaders, Dr Sarabajaya Kumar. It will be the UK’s newest and boldest group working on focused interventions, innovations, and campaigns to build the power of, and improve outcomes for, disabled people in the UK.

The work of IW will focus on awareness raising, education, and consultancy in relation to four critical areas which are informed by Dr Kumar’s experience and expertise – academic, professional, and lived.

As someone with intersectional positionality and building on her professional expertise, Dr Kumar is passionate about working with other organisations in the public, private, and non-profit sectors to bridge the awareness gap in relation to disability and race, class, gender, and other protected characteristics.

Austerity exacerbated a negative view of disabled people which is reflected in political and media discourse, so in addition to organisational, educational, and consulting work, Dr Kumar will raise public awareness of disability and disabled peoples’ lives. Underpinning all the work of IW, is Dr Kumar’s drive and vision to transform the lives of disabled people.

Whilst there are a number of excellent large disability charities, Deaf and Disabled Peoples Organisations (DDPOs), and Black- and/or Asian-led organisations, there are few organisations bridging the gap by working on disability and ‘race’ at the same time. Hence there is a need to look at disability through an intersectional lens.

Our innovation programme will launch with four key focus areas:

  1. Ableism and the Labour Market: hosting research into the vast scale of disabled people being managed out of the workplace.
  2. Everyday Lived Experiences of Disabled People: supporting research to understand everyday lived experiences.
  3. Telepresence Robot Communication: supporting research to test and improve the use of remote robots to assist disabled people.
  4. Disability and Climate Justice: to develop dialogue between disability and climate justice activists.

As a high profile individual with a 30-year career in advocating for social justice and the rights of minoritised communities, Dr Kumar is already leading work across a number of these areas. This includes her advisory, consultancy, and research work.

As the number of opportunities to influence critical areas grows, she is now beginning to house her projects within a single brand, and to build a team of intersectional thinkers and innovators, who can bring their own ideas, schemes of work, and inputs to these essential areas of focus.

Dr Kumar is proud to announce her award from UnLtd, the UK’s foundation for social entrepreneurs.